Behavior Based Robotics

1Automation and innovation
A software platform stack to enable smart robotics and IoT devices to further expand their capabilities to perform and adapt to their tasks
An acceleration platform and third-party integrations marketplace for IoT and satellite robotics
Adding an intelligence and behaviour managment layer to satellite communication and operations

Supporting New Space Industry

Epyphite enables one of the most innovative and customized services in the industry, supporting New Space initiatives and providing state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Cubesat and Small Sat support systems
  • High availability distributed platform
  • Management system for surveillance and threat monitoring
  • Edge computing frameworks
  • Smart robotics diagnosis and servicing
  • 1
    High quality image and telemetry data analysis framework
  • 2
    Near real time environmental imagery monitoring
  • 3
    NEO near Earth object database and application framework
  • 4
    Intelli-crop agro industry solutions
  • 5
    Disaster management and prevention system
  • 6
    Smart and Clean sustainable oriented robotics and IoT technologies

Our goal is to help our partners achieve their full potential and establish long-term stability and security to their operations.

  • Distributed access management
  • State-of-the-art encrytion and zero-trust security framework
  • Constant auditing and monitoring
  • Compliance and regulatory domain support
  • Threat management and evolutionary security

Resilient One

Epyphite is commited to find, support and empower resilient and inspiring people and through technology and innovation support them to achieve their maximum potential

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